Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keep Rockin' the Vote!

Hey, all. Only 3 more days to rock the vote over at You Know You Rock. I've fallen behind in the voting, and I need your help! Please head over there and cast your vote for my card. I am the second Ann listed (NOT Ann H.). Voting only takes a minute, and only one vote per person. Thanks so much!


Shirley said...

I know so many of you, Ann, and love all of your art. Its too hard to do this kind of thing. I like the ones where everyone shares and then comments are left to encourage the art. Woe is me.

Mothermark said...

Ah Ha! So you are the Ann that is running such a close race with Joanne! I wondered about you Ann....Your card is wonderful as well Joanne's so either one that takes the prize (if there is one) and wins will be a wonderful choice!

Joanne has been a SCS friend of mine for over a year and of course I have been promoting helping her out in this contest.

Good Luck to you...its been a close race!

Kath said...

loved your card Ann - have just been and voted...good luck