Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award

I hopped on my computer today to do a little blurfing, and discovered that ~Amy~ gave me this FABulous blog award. Thanks, Amy! I happen to think your blog is pretty fabulous, too!

I'm supposed to list 5 of my obsessions, then pass the award along to 5 other fabulous blogs.

1. Teaching--I'm a high school English teacher, and I don't consider it a job. To me, it's a vocation I've been called to do. I throw myself into it 110%. Which leads me to my next two obsessions...

2. Reading--I read all the time--books, magazines, newspapers, blogs. Some of my favorite authors right now are Anita Shreve, Elizabeth Berg, Anna Quindlen, Jan Karon, and Laurie Notaro.

3. Blogging--I love to write, so blogging several times a week is a good way to hone my skills. Plus, it feeds obsession #4.

4. Paper crafting--I try to craft something every day. If I don't I will become cranky very quickly.

5. Candy--Now, pretty much everyone can say they like candy, but I consider myself at a higher level on the sugar chain. Ever read the book Candy Freak? It could've been my autobiography.

I'd like to pass this award on to:


~amy~ said...

Thanks for playing Ann!!!! Happy Sunday!

Angie Tieman said...

Thanks for the tag! I see we have a lot of the same obsessions!

fishlips said...

Congratulations Ann wow you deserve this fantastic award...How wonderful!!!!!

Thanks you so much for sharing it with me you Honored me and filled my heart...Thanks - you Bunches Ann


Anonymous said...

Dear Ann!
Thank you so much for the sharing the award with me and as Erin said, you sooo deserve it. You're such a sweetie!!
That being said... :D

I've got an award for YOU on my blog! I couldn't think of anyone more deserving!



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award...and thank you very much for giving it to me. I am so honored and touched that someone as creative and talented as you looks at my blog. Lots of love...

Kathi said...


You deserve it!