Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas Candy

Since the holiday crafting season is underway, I thought I'd join in the festivities by giving away some Christmas blog candy.

Here's what's up for grabs:
Christmas Wishes clear stamp set from Little Paper Shop
3 rolls of American Crafts ribbon
2 packages of rhinestones (red & clear)
Mary Engelbreit glittered dimensional stickers
1 bottle of red Stickles
1 jar of Doodlebug white glitter
any other goodies I feel like adding

So, what do you need to do to enter to win this awesome blog candy?

Just leave a comment on this post telling me what's at the top of your Christmas wish list this year.

Link your blog to this blog post to earn an extra entry into the drawing.

All comments must be posted by midnight CST on Nov. 14, 2008 to be eligible to win. I will draw a random winner and announce the results on Nov. 15.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Yeppie I am first! I love that stamp set I have never seen it befor!
I want new window treatments for my living room! I am in the process of redecorting. Also have my carpet cleaned!
NOt much huh???

Jess said...

Okay, I'll be post 1, even though number 1 never wins!!! This is great blog candy!

Here is my Christmas wish list:
1. find a way to make money to keep staying home with my baby.
2. find a way to move back to Michigan to be near my family.
3. get a little sister or brother cooking for my son.

BUT, in terms of "things" that someone could actually get me?? SCOR-PAL, baby! Gotta have one!!

Happy Holidays!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Wow! What fabulous blog candy.

The top of my wish list would be some new nesties and possibly a new die cut machine. My Cuttlebug is starting a slow death. I keep having to add shims to get it to cut.

Stampin' with Jessica said...

I like that set you have. I haven't seen it before. What I would like for Christmas is a new digital camera and to be pregnant. Other then that I just want to be with my family and friends!

Anonymous said...

My Christmas list . . . what do I want? To live a simple and meaningful life and be thankful for the many blessings in my life. And to be more creative!

Carmen said...

WOW great blog candy ... love the blog BTW. Let's see the top of my list hmmm some quite time would be great!

specialcraftmom4 said...

What a great set of CANDY!!! I love that stamp set (: I hope I win! I want a happy holiday for Christmas, I lost my father last November. I really want to have peace this holiday season.

Pam said...

Ann, that's some fabulous stuff you're giving away!! I will definitely throw a link to your blog on mine ;)

As for my wish list...I would love some more cartridges for my Cricut. They're so expensive that I wait to buy them on sale (one at a time).

Misty said...

Great candy and I love the card below. The colors are awesome.
Have a great night!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

Ok... is it too "Miss America" to say that at the top of my Christmas wish list is World Peace? I would really love to wake up one morning and hear the news that that war was over, that there was no more racism, and all the terrorists had given up.

Love that bird on the stamp set. Thanks for the opportunity for the blog candy.

Tink said...

Great candy!! Top of my Xmas list right now is Blog candy!!
Here's my blog..

Tegan said...

awesome candy! tfs...ill link it on my blog :D

tomiannie said...

Ooh, what fun goodies! At the top of my gift list would be peace on earth, goodwill toward men, and maid service so I could spend more time crafting!

Lesly said...

Wow! Incredible blog candy! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. At the top of my wish list you would find the hope that peace will be present in our lives and that this great country will move forward in a positive manner that will benefit both Republicans and Democrats and that we will continue to be the great United States of America.

Jennie said...

Love the blog candy...thanks for the chance.
For Christmas I would love to get some nesties! I haven't taken the plunge yet, but may for Christmas...

April said...

The stamps and goodies are great. I am just looking for some extra time to stamp and a wonderful Christmas day with my hubby and kids. What more could a girl ask for??

Bunny B said...

Yummy candy!! Wow! My wish is to get a craft heat gun! :) Thanks for asking!

Bunny B said...

I've also blogged: http://bunnymoney9.blogspot.com/2008/11/candy.html
Thanks for the chances!

Linda said...

I love that stamp set. What a great prize.

Christyne said...

WOOHOO!!! I just love blog candy! Thanks for the heads up and for the kind words on my blog.

Top of my wish list this year is the Big Shot...but I'm probably going to have to buy it myself - LOL!

Blog link if you click on my name!

Thanks Ann!


Justine said...

great Candy Ann, thanks for the chance to win.... I've had a little mooch around your blog and I love your cards! definately adding to my faves!
Top of my wish list would have to be the new big Cricut with the DS as well!
Bye for now, Justine

whoistracy said...

Hi Ann! The top of my wishlist is lower taxes for us NYS residents. I have a feeling I won't get my wish, though.

Besides that, anything crafty would be great! What wonderful goodies- hw sweet of you to offer these up.

Claire said...

Thanks for letting me know about this fantastic candy. The top of my crafty christmas list is a paper-gator but top of the whole list is probably the same as everyone else - just to have a peaceful and happy christmas and new year.

I've linked to your blog on mine.


Amanda said...

All I want for Christmas is to watch my two boys under the tree, watch my DH eat to the point of no longer being able to move, and quiet time to stamp!

Anonymous said...

I have never won blog candy...so that would be on top of my Christmas list.

Eve said...

Hi Ann-
Well if we are talking scrap related then it is a bind it all. If we are talking other then it is for a better economy.
Here is the link to my post on my blog about your candy:
Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

Heather "Hev" said...

Lovely to meet you and I am now a follower :)

Top of my wish list???? Id like a genie to get everything done for me and I will be able to keep up from there ;) but if we are talking crafting stuff Id say a scallop punch :)

Have a wonderful day!

Jelena said...

Top of my wish list would have a baby :)
I have never won blog candy..so I want to won.
Here is the link to my post on my blog about your candy:

Terria said...

Awesome candy Ann candy!!I really like the stamp set.Now the crafty thing on the top of my wishlist is a cuttlebug. I am watching some of these guys on eBay so I am hoping to get one soon at a great price.
Thanks for a chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I have fun checking your blog. Thanks for a chance to win such great candy.

Let's see, the top of my Christmas Wish list for crafts is: Some CB folders.
The top of my main wish/prayer list is to responsibily end the war and for jobs for all our underemployed and unemployed friend and neighbors!
Have a great season!

Lorraine said...

wow, this is so awesome of you! thanks for a chance at winning some super stamping goodies!

Lorraine said...

ooppps...forgot to tell you whats on my Christmas wish list...for my kids to clean their rooms!

ribenaruby said...

Hi, new to your blog and love all the inspiration on here.Wish list is CB folders and Nestabilities which are really hard to find here in the UK. I may be too far to enter but I've linked and posted any way. Have a good day.

Catherine said...

what a great candy you got here :)
top of my christmas list ... i want a BIG SHOT! that's it! Last year i asked for a Scor-Pal and i got it, i'll try to be very good to get my BIG SHOT...LOL!

Amy said...

This is FANTASTIC candy Ann. This year I want Twinkling H2O's... HEAPS of 'em!

I have put a link on the sidebar of my blog here

Colleen Wold said...

Oh fun! BLOG CANDY! :) All I want for Christmas is stamps, more stamps, and stamps....oh yeah, and maybe a little quiet time to actually do some stamping. LOL!

Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

Here is a link to my blog: Glitter Ink

Ashley Cannon Newell said...

I have everything I need and really could ask for, BUT if I have to put something at the top of the list, I'd have to say...an iMac!

Those clear stamps are great!

Jenn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and the heads up on your blog candy! :)

The top of my list is of course stamping/crafting supplies

Becoming a member of Unity's KOTM Club
and a cuttlebug or cricket or something along those lines :)

~amy~ said...

Great blog candy :) I'm a smidge behind on my google reader {sigh}...I keep toying with the idea of getting a scor-pal...

Heidi said...

yeah- candy (fat free kind too!)
I honestly do not have a list but I am thinking some nestabilities or there is a stamp set that I would love.
I will post you on my site/roll call. I have blog candy up as well!

Anonymous said...

WOW, what a great group of blog candy. The stamp set is great and I am addicted to ribbon.
For Christmas I a hoping to get new window dressings for my bedroom and living room.
Can't link to a blog....fairly new at all this so I don't have one.

Sankari W. said...

wow Ann!! What an absolute generous give away! Your new name is sANNta :) (LOL - sorry - couldn't resist!!) Well, I think Copics are on my Christmas wishlist - but I think what's at the very top of my wish list is that my parent's health is good - that my brother in law finds a new job (just got laid off) , that my kids stay healthy and that the peace that is in every body's hearts radiates out to the whole world family :)

and also for lots of craft yummies :)

much love,
Sankari :)

(i am just running out the door - can't wait to come back and see what gorgeous creations you have been making!!!)

Sally said...

Great Blog Candy. Love your blog. Lots of inspiration. Thank you.

Unknown said...

uhhh i want so much for xmas.
but im hoping for the new ipod or a big shot lol ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay Santa, I wish for some new clothes! I have been naughty and caught with my hand in the cookie jar (literally) so I have to wait to get back into my fave jeans. *sigh*
Other than that, stamps, supplies, and more to hoard are all on my list!

Sally said...

Forgot to say what is on top of my wish list it's a cuttlebug.
Can't seem to leave a link for some reason hope you find me. Have lift a link on my blog to yours though.

Elena said...

Hello Ann! Thank you for letting me know about your fantastic give away! I made a note at my blog about your blog candy! Good luck to everybody!

Unknown said...

I just love that stamp set. It's beautiful. Many ideas come to mind. Let's not leave out those awesome penguins!!


by Shelly said...

There are so many things at the top..... I guess I want a Big Shot/Big Kick. I love the new SU dies that go with it. I also wanna be rich so I can have it all ;)

Cindy Lee said...

Ann...thanks for your sweet comment. It really put a smile on my face..appreciate that! Hugs.

Ok..let's see what's my Christmas wishlist:

1)wish for family to have a good health
2)wish for my BF to pass his master exam (he's a sailor)
3)wish for lots and lots of crafting supplies
4)wish for the economy and political downturn to be over

I hope it is not too greedy to have so many wishes 'wink'wink' :)

Oma said...

Love the candy. The cuttle bug is at the top of my Christmas wish. I would love to get my hands on one. I will post a link to your candy on my blog.

Sena said...

Copics are on the top of my list!! :)

Sena said...

Posted you up - http://senalovescandy.blogspot.com/2008/11/more-sweets.html
Sweet candy! I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Yum, yum, yum! Great blog candy! :)

Anything to do with stamping from Father Christmas would be nice. Like the Tim Holtz non stick scissors, heard they are good.


Pandessa said...

Great stuff!

I would like for my ex-SIL to get over the funk he has been in for past few months after getting back from Afghanistan! He is borderline suicidal. He had some bad experiences there.

I would also like a Cuttel Bug if that isn't being to selfish lol!

Anonymous said...

Great blog & blog candy! Thanks for sharing. Umm let's see, for Christmas I would like the feeling of renewed energy to last me throughout the entire year of 2009.

Jeannie said...

Hi there - luv your blog and this is a stamp set I've been looking at! My wish for myself and well as others for Christmas is for the feeling of Peace and calm inside to be able to Luv one another freely. Peace and Luv to all!

Visit me anytime:

Anonymous said...

thank you it's a good idea

Ann Hedvig said...

Great blog candy, love those stamps!

My wish for christmas would be some more gear for my digital camera :o)

Anonymous said...

My wish for Christmas is to win a blog candy from anyone. I have fun checking out all the blogs I go to and I have never won any candy yet. So this is my wish for this year.
I love your blog!

Becky Carafa said...

So generous of you! Hmmm, at the top of my list is more money for stamps! Followed by a dock for my iPod.

The MadStamper said...

Great candy Ann! Thanks for the chance to win! :) Christmas wish list hmmm....let's see...besides time alone to actually stamp??? hehehe! I guess Nestabilities!!! I don't have any YET and can't wait to get my little hands on them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann-
What great blog candy! My Christmas list includes some fun family time with my kids.

In terms of a tangible craft item I would love a score-pal or a cuttlebug.

I hope you have a great holiday season.

- Chris G

Cristen said...

Im hopein for a heathy family

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to get to win some blog candy.

On top of my wish list is to be able to purchase a four bedroom house at a decent price. Of course realistically I would settle for a Louie Vutton purse.

Cheryl Walker said...

Love your blog candy!!!!! How sweet! For Christmas I want some winter clothes from my favorite store bebe. I havent bought anything from there for about 6 weeks now, and Im hoping for Christmas my DH will go shopping for me there :)

Thank you!!!


Melanie said...

Hey girl, I know I'm horrible. I'm going postal on Monday with your blog candy you got from me. Hectic life right now!!
Your blog candy is beautiful. I love the stamp set, rinestones, ribbon, etc. Beautiful!!

Dawn said...

Great candy you got there
Now the top of my wish list would be a Making Memories Slice or More Nestabilities..or LOL
There is so much at the top of my list I'm afraid.


Anna Banana said...

You post an interesting question! What do I want for Christmas? I want more time. More time to do the things I love and be with the people I love.
When I go in my craft room, I would like there to be a time warp - I go in, spend 6 hours creating beautiful things. When I leave the room, I would come out just a minute after I went in so I could spend more time with Friends and Family! That in my ideal wish!!

Now, if I am being realistic, I want some more stamps and nestabilities dies :)

Anna Banana

Brooke S said...

I really want the "Big Shot" form Stampin' Up. I bought die from the new catalog and they don't fit the die-cut machine I have.. So I need a new one. I use NEED very loosely. I use want HUGE!


Anna Banana said...

I just did a link to you on my Blog.

I'm trying to make my first clickable link...if it doesn't work you can check annabananacreations.blogspot.com

You can visit it HERE

Cassie said...

Love the ribbons, I'm a ribbon junkie! I truly want my family to spend time together this year. Not just rushing in and out to eat, but actually sitting still and visiting!

Unknown said...

Hi Ann,

how nice of you to give away such a nice present!

My wishlist for this year is to get my very own first Christmas tree!

I'll post a link on my blog!

See you xx

Carmen said...

The top item on my list is some quiet family time.

Froggy said...

I want a house elf who would clean for me while i get to play in with my scrap stuff! Even if the house elf only did laundry!! LOL (my least favorite household chore)

scotspanda said...

meant to say I have linked you to my candy box http://scotspanda.blogspot.com/


Amanda xxx

JoLynn said...

77...a very good year. Top of my Christmas list would be good health (physical and emotional) for my family and friends. Without that, the other stuff seems meaningless, doesn't it? Thanks for asking!

Pick me, pick me!

Anonymous said...


I enjoy checking your blog from time to time. Right now the top thing on my list would be healthy pets--they have been costing me a bundle for the past 2 month. First my parrot, now the cat.

Cindy C

debb said...

What a generous offer! My Christmas list has two things fighting for the top position- Spellbinder dies and copic markers. I NEED them!!! Thank you for your chance to win these great goodies! debb

Ceal said...

hummm so many choices and so little money...lol
copics and nesties sounds good to me along with some Sweet N' Sassy's
I will leave a link on my blog

Lorie said...

What wonderful Blog Candy! At the top of my list this year is one of those digital frames. I would love to have it changing photos when we have guests over...neato!

Fink said...

What a great bit of candy! Let's see what I want for Christmas...I wish I knew! This is the

Cheri said...

Ooooh, I really hope I win! I've linked you at The Paper Freak. Keepin' my fingers crossed!

AbcHobby.it said...

yummy blog candy, i love it!!
At the top of my wish list are some items for scrap and card making, such as paper, stamps, punch...

Thank's for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Love candy! Ive never had blog candy. But I do love chocolate candy. LOL
My christmas wish is to be with family and friends this holiday season. Id like to have some one come in and help me clean the house from top to bottom. And when we are done, visit a spa for a one.

WandaG_CT said...

Thanks for the chance to win such great blog candy! My Christmas wish list is a Big Shot and a Score Pal.

kc_froglady said...

Yummy candy! I have put you up on my blog and would love to be entered into the drawing :)

As for my wish list - well I already sorta treated myself to it LOL and am just waiting for it to arrive - the Slice! I may have to add one of the cartridges or something to my wish list now! he he

Nardi said...

The top of my Christmas list would be better health for myself and my family. Equal to that would be for my sister's house to sell which would in turn help with the health wish (and at least help pay for doctors, etc.)
Thanks for the chance to win such nice candy.

Sandra said...

Wow love the candy :)

On the top of my list this year is just little more time for crafting!!

I have post a link on my Candy list in my blog.



Kerry said...

A Cuttlebug is at the top of my list! Thanks for the chance at some great Christmas candy! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I love this candy! I love your blog too!
I really really wish that my grandparents live for another christmas... They are fantastic!!

I link you on my blog

Desirée said...

Great blog candy! I have also a blog candy going on :)

On top of my christmas wish list, is to celebrate the christmas with my little grandchild who is one year now. He is the most wonderful person in my life now!

I have linked to your blog candy now!

have a nice weekend!

From Desiree in Norway

Anonymous said...

I'm wishing for a new digital camera. I don't have one yet-I've purchased them for the kids, but keep forgetting to get one for me, lol.

lalalla said...

sooo sweet candy! I love it:) here is my blog http://doris86place.blogspot.com/2008/11/ann-has-blog-candy.html

oh my wishlist is VERY long, but at the top is Cuttlebug and Bigshot, I dream about them every night;)

Pam's Pride said...

I want a remote car starter for my van!! It will be so nice to have a warm van to go out to with the baby being born at the end of Feb...it is still so cold then!

Linked you up to my blog!

Anonymous said...

Great candy!
My top Christmas list wish - to have my family together for just 1 day (not everyone has been together for a couple of years now)
My top stamping wish list- more Nestabilities!
I just started with one set and love what I can do with that.

Ginny said...

GORGEOUS candy...

top of my wish list is all the family together as my son and his family don't live near us and we dont get to see them very often :0(

have left a link on my sidebar about your candy :0)


Joy said...

what fun candy!!! HO HO HO!!!!

Diane said...

Hello Ann, Thank you for visiting my blog and also for offering some great blog candy! I think on my list of Christmas "wants" this year (besides a peaceful world, which I know we all want and pray for) would be a Cricut and a creative room like Shelli Gardner from Stampin'Up! has...wow...that is awesome, you can see it in the new issue of Stampington "Women Who Create".....thanks for the chance...I am linking you to my blog!

Zielona said...

Very nice blog candy :) :)


And of my list this year is just little more time for crafting ond new stamps :)!!

Kristine said...

Hi Ann!
This is some candy! Wow!
On the top of my wish list this year is a new lens for my Nikon SLR camera and of course MORE cardmaking stuff!!
Have a nice Sunday!

Lastel said...

Great blog candy ! On the top of my Christmas wish list is some of the new nesties and the new Big Shot from SU !

Alison Anderson said...

First, great candy!!! I'll link it on my blog... even though that lowers my chances ;o)
Top on my list this year is a Big Shot. I am hooked on that Top Note Die Cut. I gotta admit it. Thanks for sharing!

Primitive Seasons said...

A Scotch ATG gun and a bunch of staps from Papertrey! Thanks for this great blog candy offer!


Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic blog candy. Thanks for the chance to win, Your work is beautiful.
Well at the top of my christmas list year would have to be lots and lots of rubber stamps especially whiff of joy. :)
I have announced your candy on my blog on the right hand side under about me. I have also added you to my favs. hope thats ok.
Erin x


Annelies said...

I have aquarel pencils on top of my wish list. I learned working with them on a stamping weekend a couple of weeks ago and discovered this is my favorite way to colour stamped images. So I'm asking a large box of these pencils this year. Here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Anonymous said...

Great blog and great candy:))Good luck:))

Tink14 said...

I love your blog candy!
I am asking all crafting things for Christmas this year. I especially want a scor pal and a scallop punch!
I love looking at blogs! I learn so much, I am a new crafter and am getting so many new ideas!

B said...

Wow! I can't believe its time to be thinking about Christmas already! Time flies!!! :-) I think one of the top things on my christmas wish list is a ScorPal - seems like a handy thing to have (although I probably need more room in my crafty area as well...) Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your blog candy looks delicious. My CRAFT top wish is a Score Pal. My really, really top want is for the Christmas elves to come and unpack and PUT UP all the boxes in my basemen6t from the move.

fishlips said...

I want a laptop please Santa Ive been very very good this year... You see Santa, my Craft room in up two flights of steps and my computer is down two flights. I'm really starting to lose my well deserved fluffiness that I've gown used to, please Santa my pants are really starting to get way to big... See Santa Dear somedays my pants fall all the way to my ankles as I run down to post things because I'm holding tight to the camera. Help me Santa I just want 1 thing for Christmas please...Ive been so good and I will have lots of cookies for you this year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I would have to say that at the top of my Christmas wishlist is that I am able to finalize my adoption of my three littlest kids.

I am posting your blog candy on my blog. My blog address is scrappinmominky.blogspot.com

Have an awesome week!

Nikki said...

Number 1 on my wish list is new pots and pans from Pampered Chef!

Awesome "candy"!!

Krissy Christie said...

LOL I'll wish for some more stamping goodies pretty please :)

Krissy xx

Tanja said...

Love your cand and all I want for Christmas is snow!

Best regards from Slovenia!

Andrea said...

Oh wow, what a great candy, thanks for the chance to win this.

On the top of my wish list is a Cuttlebug.

Hugs, Andrea

Alice said...

Hi! Very beautiful blog candy! I would ask to Santa the Big Shot machine :)
I have a blog candy too, if you want ... I link your blog candy to my blog, under the section "blog candy".

Anonymous said...

My biggest wish for this year is having a nice christmas with my family and some free hours for me and my darling.

I have linked you on my blog.

Kimba-Slydog said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful gift for christmas.

My most important wish for christmas nobody can buy. So my wish for stamping stuff is some whipper snapper stamps.


Leonie said...

A christmas candy, what a great idea! And how kind!

Love your blog! It's a bit early but;

Merry Christmas!!

On my wishlist is on top a nice warm pyjama!

I've linked you on my sidebar!

~ Leonie ~

Tee McNeil Art said...

Biggest Christmas Wish:

All the kids to come home safely! ok ok... material things... Big Shot Die cutting machine!

Thanks for posting blog candy. You are at the top of my blog candy alert list (right hand side) of my blog.


Karen said...

Well it will more likely be Christmas 2009 but I'd like our stable conversion, which will house my craft room, to be finished - We've just got the planning permission so it's a step in the right direction!
Otherwise I will be very happy with a nice relaxed day with my family and over-excited son!
I've linked you candy Lovely candy – I have posted about it here

Marika said...

Well at the top of my wish list this year there's a new digital camera.
I linked you on my italian blog and I hope to win because I really love Christmas time!!!

Madzia said...

Hi! I from Poland.

Nice candy blog. =*


Sabine said...

What a fantastic blog candy!!! Love those stamps.
I have a bunch of stamps that I would like for christmas as well as some of the Nestabilities for my new BigShot - but, we'll see how it goes.

Riina said...

At the top of my Christmas wish list this year is to just spend time with family and see many relatives. I live in another country away from them and despite the fact that I live with my boyfriend here I'm still happy to keep the Christmas tradition by going home for the holidays. :) It's been like that all the 22 Christmases in my life. :)

Thanks for the chance to win! :)

- Rhynah

Patty (SCS-pepperrn) said...

Well, I want the complete set of classic circle nesties from Spellbinders!! I have been a goo girl this year!! I started a new blog, I have two beautiful boys and I get to stay home with them! I am so lucky!!

Love your bog too!!


StampinCathy said...

This is some sweet Christmas candy!
First thing on my list is a BIG SHOT! ok maybe it should be clothes or something like that, but I want a BIG SHOT with the bag. Thanks for a chance.

Josette said...

This will sound corny but I really want my family to be healthy for Christmas. We have had a bad run for some time now.

Katie Cotton said...

super fun candy give away!

I'm getting a scorpal this year for christmas! I'm super excited!

Rachel said...

I am having a baby this December... so some sleep will probably be top on my list!!!!

I am linking to my blog!!! awesome Candy!

Deb said...

Wow Ann! That is some amazing blog candy!

I could wish for all kinds of stamp stuff and not even know where to start to choose the first one...I have all I *need* and just want everything (blushing). So instead, I'll wish that this Christmas someone's eyes will be opened to the joy and wonder of the real meaning of the season! That would make it worth everything to me!

Marnie said...

My wish is for My husband to be completely recovered would be at the top of my Christmas list this year.

pasiakowa said...

What a wonderful candy! Making cards with it would make christmas special :)

There are some acrylic paints on my wishlist. Also a scanner to scan my little pictures (but I'm guessing I won't get it ;) ).

I'm spreading the info about the candy on:

Anonymous said...

To be Happy!

Mrs Mac said...

WOW! Look how many comments you have!! I'll put a link on my blog too (I have blog candy too, till 20th, so come and join in!!!)

My Christmas wish- well this year my fiance's sister and her big family have invited us to stay, in Ireland. My wish is first that if I go it won't mean my mum is on her own this Xmas, and second that if we do go, that I can cope with it, as I have always found big get-togethers really hard.


Julie.G said...

Great blog and great candy....
The thing that is on the top of my Christmas list is a Bind It all and some more nesties....

I have posted your blog on mine...

Shemaine Smith said...

Great Blog Candy!!!I collect all the penguin stuff i can for my mom :) Besides the love and health of my family, I've put a request in to Santa for the Making Memories Slice :)

taja.85 said...

Lovely candy. greetings from Poland :)
I just did a link to you on my Blog.

Feradana said...

Hey Ann,

thanks for the great chance... My main wish this year - a few stamping up stamp sets *blush* Well, one can't live withouth stamping...

I linked you on my blog so I hope a few others will also get a chance to enter here

Anonymous said...

My #1 wish on my Christmas list this year...is not something that can be bought..as a matter of a fact..it can't even be wrapped...
it's a gift that wil bring me happiness every day..peace of mind...and in my opinion...can be superceded by nothng else..
my top of the list wish is for good health...and that my cancer continuesto "behave itself"..not chnage my quality of life...not progress...and that it intrude on my life as a mother and wife..
there is truly nothing else that i need..or want...the joy of being alive....(albeit living life with cancer) and watching my family experience christmas morning....is a gift that is beyond measure for me....IFi do getthis gift..i wil KNOW ive received it..by how i feel..and am able to live my life everyday...long after the rapping paper is torn from packages on dec 25th..and thrown away..i'll hopefully open my gift each and everyday...simply by being alive and as well as can be.

Shannon Roberts said...

Great candy! Way to get us in the mood!! YEAH! For Christmas I want.........A New Couch, $$ to make sure my 5 boys have a good Christmas, & some clothes that fit me would be great! I am off to link my blog!!

Me Myself and I-N-K said...

The Janome Mini Sewing Machine is at the top of my list next to upgrading to a Cricut Expressions machine. I don't know if I will get any of these for Christmas - but one can wish, right? Thanks for offering some fab blog candy.

- Alma =)

Angel Hawks said...

I want to win! Fabulous stuff you have there! Thanks!

Jacqueline said...

Wow what great candy giveaway!
At the top of my christmas list is some new clothes! I never buy new clothes and christmas is a good time to buy some.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Here is the link to my blog

Chrisd said...

Thanks for this chance.
My Christmas list is short: I would love a Scor-pal to help out with my card ministry at our church.
I have no blog yet.
Have a special holiday time this year, even with all of our tight budgets;make a special treat like chocolate covered pretzel logs. Yum8->

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! What great candy! For Christmas I just want my kids to be healthy and happy!!

I will link this post to my blog as well.

Chrissy D said...

Thank you for the chance at candy! I am linking you up to my blog! Have a great day! Oh yes, my top thing for my wish list would be for one of our medical bills to be paid off - but that probably won't happen unless the money train comes in. LOL

Moni said...

Gorgeous candy you are giving away! My wish for Christmas is to be healthy and happy! I linked you on my blog! Hugs, Moni

Anonymous said...

What wonderful blog candy you are offering. My number one wish would be to walk again other than that I would love to have my son home for Christmas. With him home with the rest of the family ...all will be right in my world :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the stamp set. My best Christmas wish this year is more time for stamping and cardmaking.

Anonymous said...

I have a link on my blog here http://kristasstampinkorner.blogspot.com/2008/11/blog-candy_11.html for you. This is a very generous blog candy thanks for the opportunity.


Lauren said...

Hi great candy, thanks for the chance to win, hmm the top of my wishlist *thinks hard* A shopping spree at my fav craft store. That means stamps and paper and embelishments and....................................
I have linked you on my blog

Tash said...

Oooh - soo yummy! Top of my Christmas list this year is to still have my job and for my 18-month old to finally say 'Mummy'!!!

Have mentioned your candy on my blog

miodo_oka said...

I from Poland.

Very nice candy blog ;]


Melanie said...

me please,very generous of you,i've linked you on my sidebar :)
my christmas wish is for good health for all my family and friends

Sol said...

I wish for Peace on Earth and of course... As the stamper I am. I wish for more stamps and Crafting supplies! Thank You for posting Blogcandy... This is fun!

Meli Palmer said...

Hmm..the wish on top of my Christmas list is...Joel McHale (from The Soup). He's my dream man. For reals. :o)

Dusia said...

Wow ! Extra candy's :D Fantastic blog ! Top of my wish list this year is for health for me, becouse I'm sick and I will have operation at15th December :( . I'm from Poland ; )
Greetings from Gdańsk ;]
My blog is - dusiowa-tworczosc.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...


its a very great page and a great candy. Thank you.

On my wish list this year is a cuttle bug.... i don't have it. And it's so nice :D

I'ved already linked you on my blog.

Loveley greatings from germany.


trisha too said...

I love candy!

arty wise, lots of twinkling H2Os are at the top of my wishy list.

you are officially getting linked!

Grandma said...

What a great stamp and so many cute goodies. Thanks for a chance to win. Top of my Christmas list is to spend it with our grandchildren.

Kjersti1982 said...

I wish for a Making Memories Slice :)
Just posted your link on my blog now :)

Callie said...

Christmas wish list item #1:
Circut Expression!
Hey I can dream can't I? Okay, so something that's more in our budget for the holidays:
A Cuttlebug!
That and a laundry list of stamps.
Good luck to all the crafty ladies entering and thanks for the opprotunity to win some great candy!

AbcHobby.it said...

I've add a post to your blog candy!
bye elisabetta

~Chris~ said...

What a lovely Christmas Candy. On top of my Woshlist this year is for my Husband to return safely!
Thanks for the Chance to win. Spread the word of your Candy on my Blog

Amber (bambi64) said...

Awesome candy. Thanks for a chance to win. Top of my list would have to be extra cash to be able to afford Christmas for my kids. For myself?? I'd love to have a new digital camera. Linking you shortly on my blog.

Kim said...

Ann what WONDERFUL candy you are giving away! It's so much and I would love to win this! :) I linked your candy to my blog...you can see it HERE.
At the top of my wish list for this christmas I would love to get a sewing machine to sew on my cards...I love the look it gives!
Thanks again!
Hugs~ Kim

Michelle said...

I love the candy! I wanna win...lol..Hope I win...I love you blog too btw :))

Katarina said...

I love your candy! I have mentioned you candy on my blog to get an extra enrty :) Those stamps are so adorable!

On top of my Christmaslist (if we're talking about things, otherwise it's health) is a subscription to a stampmagazine from England called craft stamper.



Татьяна Шаргородская said...

Hello! On top of my Wishlist this year is mu son to grow big, healthy and happy! My link to your candy: http://scrapmooooon.blogspot.com/2008/11/ann.html

Pejtoon said...

First of all .. this Candy look fabulous!

And what is on my top of list .. it is a love :) I want to be alone any more :)

Johanna said...

oh- what a nice candy. please pick me. I'm so in love with birds att the moment and i love words and poem... please pick me!!!
And on my christmas wish list is a cuttlebug, because i dont have one yet...
have a nice day

Johanna said...

didn't you said, when i leave a link on my blog, i have 2 chances...
maybee i will winn (Please)
have a nice day
Johanna (from sweden)

jan farnworth said...

top of my christmas list is new cricut cartridges. love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice candy!
My one and only Christmas-wish is that my lil' bro will have a amazing christmas! (he's very ill)
I've added you to my list at the right side of my blog.
X, Ava

Becky Garrison said...

Great goodies! I love that stamp set - the Christmas dove is gorgeous! I'm putting a link to you on my blog @ http://camelliacottagedesigns.blogspot.com

Thanks, Becky G.

Heather Schlatter said...

Such cute Candy! For Christmas I agree with someone up farther they said they wish for a maid service so they would have more time crafting!

I feel the same way. So I wish for someone to clean my house for me then I would have more time with the kids and feel less guilty when I do get to stamp!

I will go link you on my Blog now, and if you want to you can join in my Mega Blog Candy Pile 2 week challenge that started yesterday!


Thanks for the chance to win!


Nikki said...

Very cool candy! Top of my wish list is a Pazzles inspiration cutting machine!

I've added your blog candy under my blog candy list in the upper right hand corner of my blog.


Also, I'm have a blog candy give away over at my blog...

Brigitta said...

that would be a loving and caring partner, being single for 6 years is way too long. As for material things.... loads and loads of quilting fabric

Анна Цурпал (Анютик) said...

Привет. Прекрасный блог. Спасибо за возможность получить прекрасный подарок. Hello! On top of my Wishlist this year is mu son to grow big, healthy and happy! My link to your candy: http://annacurpal.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Wow lovely blog candy!
My wish is to have a heat gun, a die cut machine and a digital camera, not much!
Linked to my blog :)

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Wow, your Blog is wonderful and the Price is great. Thanks for the chance to win. I link you on my blog.

My big big Wish for this year is that my little daughter must not operated.


Rosette said...

Thanks for this lovely giveaway, and for the chance to win. My greatest wish is to wake up in a world where there is no war and no crime.
When it comes to cardmaking... that is qiuite a list, but let's say, all the Basic Gray paper packs :)

kalioppe said...

fab candy:)
thanks for a chance to win :)

Anonymous said...

Hiya hunni, just linked you to my candy alerts and also put u in for my candy,
my biggest wish on my list this year is to have a nice christmas with my fiancee in our new home as this will be our first christmas in our new house together, recently moved out, last year i had a terrible christmas as my nan died on xmas day so hoefully this year will be alot better xxxx

Anonymous said...

I love surprises!! :) But I wouldn't say no to some stamps!
Anna D

Anonymous said...

A apron


Astra said...

Wonderful candy!
Thanks for a chance!

Anonymous said...

Top of my list is a Big Shot die cut machine from SU and any of the die cuts.

Your blog candy looks very inviting and I hope that I am the lucky one to receive it. If not, well hats off to whoever is the winner.

BLJ Graves Studio said...

Great blog candy. I guess the top of my wish list this year is the new labels nestabilities.

Christine Riley said...

Thank you so much for offering such wonderful blog candy! :) At the top of my Christmas list is more stamps :) Of course :) I love, love, love all stamps, but at the very top of the list are High Hopes Rubber Stamps. I just love themk! :) Thanks so much for the chance to win.
Hugs, Christine :)

Jezz79 said...

What a lovely Blogcandy,please pick me,it`s my Birthday today:-)... For Christmas I wish more Scrapstuff, I´ve just getting started. I´ve linked you in my Blog!!

The MadStamper said...

Great candy!!!! I've never won yet but, hey!, it could happen!!! :)

Top of my Christmas list? Let's see...besides peace on earth etc...I guess time to myself so I could stamp in peace and quite!!!! :)
(have 3 kiddos that are constantly under my feet)

Thanks again for the chance!

Ozzie's Greeting Cards by Tanja said...

I would love to get some more clear rubber stamps a whole collection of them but in Australia we don't tend to get many of them in the shops.

Love the kit